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Grab the opportunity to experience a unique study pattern by enrolling in one of our qualifying or language courses. Make the best use of the digital technology and save yourself time and energy from travelling to a physical coaching place. We understand that most students are smart enough to make wise allocation of their resources, to compliment that we have the best educational solutions and faculty to guide you through internet based learning and utilise your full potential.

Creative Learning

We blend creativity and pedagogy, to make the learning journey interesting for the student.


We collaborate with research faculties to understand better about the learning processes, so that the students could find an easier way to level up their brain processes and learn better. 

Brain Health

When we say we care about the student, we even mean to take care of the mental health of the student as they grow through the pressure. Want to know what’s best for your intellectual health?

Travel advisor

Need guidance to reach your education destination – masters course details or visa consultation? Get trustworthy help from our team

Live interaction

You can clarify your doubts by asking us directly through live classes on our social media platforms.

Erudition for the relentless

The Secret of Success

There is no short-cut to success. You have to make a conscious choice to work towards it. But to know how to reach the target is equally important to save time and energy. That would be beneficial if you take guidance form an expert in the particular field. They can guide you because they have already travelled the path and figured out a method. Now you need to get that map to reach your destination. Wouldn’t that be easier if the map had the shortest possible way for you? That’s what we would do at GMA. We customise the learning experience for each student with the basic GMA pattern and help students achieve their educational goals. The basic foundation of our teaching success

Time management

Time is the most valuable asset and if you can learn to master it, you have tackled 25% of the task. Here, we provide a personalised study chart for each student to help them stay organised. The organised student has a higher probability to succeed.


The human mind is a powerful tool. Confidence attracts success. It’s just a matter of thought that’s why it varies from person to person. Here, we make sure that you are confident enough to attend the exam through various methods ranging from counselling to practice sessions.


Knowledge is vast, but in order to reach your goal you need to know how to approach the test based on targeted learning. This can be done by figuring out the patterns and criteria that each exam requires from the candidates.


It takes 20 hours to learn any new skill. But it takes 1000 hours to achieve mastery over it. The choice is yours. Ultimately, persistence is key to reach one’s dream destination. GMA encourages focused learning for our courses.

Our unique features

We strive for perfection through unique ideas and strong principles. GMA adapts to what’s best that fits for the growth and learning of the student. Our goal is to pave the way for the candidates to reach their target.

Handling complexity

Because we have a wide variety of courses that require different strategies to tackle each of them, we know how to adapt to the varying demands. Certain exams like GRE, GMAT, LSAT, SAT, et al., want you to find a solution to complex problems in a timed setting. The better the student can demonstrate their intellectual capacity, the higher they are placed in life. Get solutions to your toughest problems at GMA.

Language courses

Being able to communicate your thoughts properly with appropriate language elements makes you a more trusted person and strengthens bonds. These qualities are required for almost all professions to advance in their career. Various tests help you to explore all four areas of your language skills. As we teach language courses, we show the candidate how to make learning practical.

Personality development 

Having an attractive personality makes you the best in your field. Knowing how to interact with people is vital for professional development. Most introverts struggle in this area. They feel socially awkward and might even shy away from conversations. Also being able to confidently talk, paves way for many opportunities. Why miss those rare chances when GMA could guide you?

Thinking enhancement

If you can think properly and demonstrate it through writing or speaking, you will be unbeatable. Have you noticed that exams like GRE, GMAT etc have an essay section that asks to demonstrate reasoning skills? How do you develop that? by exposing yourself to diverse amount of problems and solutions. Read a lot, interact with intelligent people and you’ll learn to think better.

Idea formation

The slogan “an idea can change your life” is not far from the truth. You’ll need to know how to develop ideas and present them effectively. Learn from the intellectuals who’d help you see through various perspectives you haven’t seen otherwise. This can be easily possible as you enrol in any of our courses.

Collaboration in diversity

Learing to collaborate in a diverse environment helps a person be more understanding as they experience various elements that thay might have missed otherwise. Diverse courses help students get easy accebility through a single portal and curiosity evokes the bright.


The logical flow of thought process is vital to make things simple and easy to perceive. When you learn to master your thoughts, it will be reflected in your actions and you can see how your life changes for the better.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“I approached GMA for my thesis editing and proof reading. They gave me accurate grammatical corrections, helped me improve my written content and confidently present my dissertation.”

Dr Jaseela Villan

MD Pschiatry at NHRIMH, Kottayam
Thesis editing & proofreading

“I tried out the GRE coaching in November 2021, to learn about it. Though it was my initial step, I gained a lot of knowledge.”

Dr Sabitha N. M.

“I joined here because some of my friends did. It was an amazing learning experience.”

Dr Arun

“I loved the GRE classes as it was very interactive.”

Dr Nooriya


Internet learning through GMA is a satisfaction for the busy professionals.

Growth & expansion


Student satisfaction

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